Our Tiaki Plush range is another item from our Good Grief Collection and Project Uenuku


Tiaki in many Cook Islands dialects translates to a guard or a protector.


These were first thought up after the birth of our youngest baby, a physical way to speak to her about brother who we lost 6 years before she was born.


We started with the Hei Tiki and recently added the Manaia, Onu (Turtle) and little Tangata Tiaki (People)


The little people come in 3 diffrent shades and currently two options wearing a muumuu or an pareu shirt and shorts.

Their features are intended to be gender neuteral.


-each one is approximatly 30cms long and are stuffed with foam chip.

(Except the tikis which are stuffed with cotton)

Each one comes with an explanation card and a mihi card to fill out.

Select each photo with corresponding number

Manaia Tiaki Plush 6-9