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An exploration into grief 

Good Grief will be our feature collection for the whole month of October and aims to highlight Baby and infant loss awareness and also an exploration into grieving and traditional practices.

The products featured and for sale aim to provide memorial and remembrance items for specific loved ones or just in general.

Does this mean I can't purchase them if I haven't lost a baby?

Not at all, awareness means just that, you are aware that this effects people and you are in effect saying "I'm aware this may effect you and am open to speaking about it."

The products also help us assist with other projects we work on to help those in need.

They will range from set prints, custom prints, Tiaki Plushes (Soft toy of sorts), Memorial Jewellery and other items.

We will also have a limited range of apparel that we hope will assist with offering some of our products to those in hardship.

To apply for hardship to receive a memorial item please      

Thank you so much for your continued support and for taking the time to read


The Nuku Creative Whanau